7 Vital Pool Accessories You Need for a Clean Above Ground Pool

  • Feb 22, 2023
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7 Vital Pool Accessories You Need for a Clean Above Ground Pool

You’ve purchased your above ground pool…now what?


Keeping your pool healthy, clear and clean is the most important - and potentially complicated - task you need to learn right away.


To make sure you have all the right tools to keep your above ground pool sparkling and clean, here are seven vital pool accessories to add to cart:

1. Pool Surface Skimmer


Automate cleaning the surface of your pool with the Flowclear™ Pool Surface Skimmer! Simply hook the skimmer to the side of your pool near a suction inlet and attach it to your pool’s filter to commence with cleaning. Your skimmer will do the dirty work for you while you’re away, leaving you with a pool that’s free of debris and ready for your next swim.

2. Pool Vacuum

Leaves sinking to the bottom of your pool? Grab the Flowclear AquaTech™ Cordless Pool Vacuum to suck up all the debris without wading through the water or breaking a sweat trying to scoop it up with a net. The Pool Vacuum attaches to an extendable, telescopic pole so you can effortlessly capture the messy stuff from every corner of the pool. Plus, the pool vacuum is cordless and runs on basic, AA batteries, making it a tool that’s easy, convenient and perfect for quick cleanups.

3. Pool Net/Skimmer

Give your pool a quick clean up before you take a dip by skimming away the leaves and random items floating on top with the Flowclear AquaScoop™ Deluxe Pool Skimmer. Featuring a net to swish away the items that can clog your filter, the pool skimmer is a must-have accessory…and it’s likely the one you are most familiar with.


4. Chemical Floater


Your pool needs a consistent flow of the right balance of cleaning agents to keep the bacteria out and the clean water in. Help it resist algae growth by adding a Flowclear Chemical Floater with ChemGuard™ Protective Glove. Simply add the appropriate amount of chlorine tablets to the floater (it’s based on the volume of water your pool holds), and let it hang out in your pool! You’ll want to check on the floater every week or two to ensure you still have a tablet dispersing chlorine throughout your pool. Plus, with the protective glove, you never have to handle chemicals by hand.

5. Filter Pump and Filter Cartridges


Your filter is one of the most critical tools for your pool’s overall health and cleanliness. With an efficient filter pump and a clean filter, all the microparticles that you can’t see, but make your pool water cloudy, are magnetically attracted to the chemicals you add to your pool. After it makes its way through the filter, you can feel confident the water circulating throughout your swim space is truly pristine and safe for a splash. Be sure to keep extra filter cartridges on hand so you never run out of this essential tool. We love our Flowclear Filter Pump and Cartridges. Find the one that fits the size of your above ground pool here.

6. Ground Cloth


Keep the bottom of your pool safe from sticks, rocks and other sharp objects that could potentially pierce the material with a ground cloth. The ground cloth provides a protective barrier for your investment. Whether you have a rectangular, round or square pool, you can find a ground cloth that fits your style and preference here.

7. Pool Brush

Every pool needs a scrub every once in a while! The corners and crevices can often hide debris and sediment, so it’s a good idea to have a pool brush on hand and use it weekly. The Flowclear AquaBroom™ Deluxe Pool Brush Head is dependable and attachable to any pool cleaning pole with an inner diameter of 1.2 in. so you can switch it out when needed. Simply click it into place and scrub the inside perimeter of your pool, focusing on the corners and sides to brush away any algae or grime. No one likes a slippery, slimy pool bottom, so make sure you pick up a pool brush!

Your first above ground pool might come with a bit of a learning curve, and with the right tools, you’ll master pool maintenance before you know it!


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