Sub-Category Warranty Period
SPA SaluSpa™ 180 days Spa Liner / 365 days Spa Pump
Entertainment Station 365 days
AGP Splash-in-Shade 90 days
Fast Set™ (78" x 20'' and above for EU, NA AU, C&S America and CN; 8' x 20" and above for other countries) 90 days
Steel Pro™ 90 days
Steel Pro Max™ 90 days
Power Steel™ 90 days
Hydrium™ (Steel Wall)

180 days  for the liner+PVC rails+ steel wall.

30 days for connection; fitting; skimmer

ACC Flowclear™ Filter Pump 365 days
Flowclear™ Sand Filter 365 days
Flowclear™ Chlorinator 365 days
Flowclear™ Skimatic Filter Pump 365 days
Flowclear™ Pool Heater 365 days
Flowclear™ Swimfinity N/A
Ladder (Replace only when in pool set) 90 days
Covers & Ground Cloths
(Replace single part when in pool set)
90 days
Maintenance equipments
(Replace single part when in pool set)
90 days
Aquatronix Robot ;
Aquaglide Robot
Aquarover Robot
180 days   
CAMPING AirFrame™  (Sierra Ridge Air series) 30 days
OUTDOOR WATER TOY Water Park (Constant Air) N/A
Hydro-Force™ Boat
(65046; 65047; 65049; 65062)
Surf Board  N/A


Sealy 365 days
Sealy with Tough Guard Construction 2 Years
PVC Beam Items N/A
Tritech Beam Items (basic) N/A
Tritech Fashion Flock Series 365 days
Alwayzaire Pump with PVC Construction 365 days
Tough Guard Construction (Any Pump) 2 years
Tough Guard Lite TPU Construction (Any Pump) 2 years






USA USA-Walmart Aerobed  90609-20, 90610-20 1 year Airbed
2 years Built in pump
USA-ALDI Air furniture 75075E 2 years 
USA- COSTCO-Water Solar Panel in the pool set #12728
(Replace single part)




Bestway repairs or replaces ONLY THE DAMAGED PART, NOT THE COMPLETE SET.

Bestway reserves the right to require sending the item for additional testing.

In order to best assist you, we request all information you provide to be complete.

Bestway is solely responsible for everything provided by applicable law and by contractual commitments.


Bestway, according to article 2 of the directive, will not replace any product deemed to have been damaged due to negligence or used outside of the owner’s manual guidelines. Bestway’s warranty covers manufacturing defects discovered while unpacking the product or during use, within the limits of use and respectful of warnings and instructions given within the user’s manual. This warranty applies only to products which have not been modified by any third parties. The product must be stored and handled in accordance with the technical recommendations.


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