Bestway SaluSpa All in One 3 Piece Cleaning Tool Set for Spa

Description & Specifications
Bestway Technologies
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Description & Specifications
The SaluSpa® All in One Tool Set by Bestway® has all you need to keep your spa clean. The scoop has a bumper that protects the spa’s surface and a round shaped design that fits the contours of the spas interior. The deep net, measuring 17.91 in. and weighing only 1.73 lb., helps to collect debris and can be handheld or connected to a standard telescopic pole for an extended reach. The brush also has a bumper and nylon bristles to make it safe for cleaning your SaluSpa. It also comes with the option to be hand hold or attached to a standard telescopic pole. The scrubbing mitt is a latex glove bonded with a scrubber pad which allows you to scrub along the spa water line while keeping harsh chemicals off of your skin. The SaluSpa All in One Tool Set is the perfect cleaning accessory to keep your spa sparkling clean!
  • 3-in-1 tool set for SaluSpa spas
  • Light weight scoop with a deep net, measuring 17.91 in. and weighing 1.73 lb., to collect any debris
  • Brush with nylon bristles to protect the spa's surface
  • Scrubbing mitt for cleaning along the water line
  • Contents: 1 scoop, 1 brush, 1 scrubbing mitt
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