Flowclear AquaLite Comb Pool & Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool

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Description & Specifications
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Description & Specifications
Give your filter cartridges the ultimate clean with the Flowclear™ AquaLite™ Comb Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool. The unique comb shape of this filter cartridge cleaner is designed to fit inside the deep folds of filtration paper. Each prong is the perfect size to get into those hard-to-reach areas, and will ensure your filter cartridge gets a thorough clean. The AquaLite easily connects to the ends of a standard garden hose using a quick connection valve, allowing a concentrated stream of water to remove more particles from the filtration paper in less time than your garden hose alone can. This cleaning tool also features a flow control knob, allowing you to turn it on and off, along with adjusting the power of the water flow. Using the AquaLite Cleaning Tool to get deep clean of your filter cartridge at least once a day can extend the lifespan of both your filter pump and cartridge, saving you time and money.
  • Save time and money while maintaining a healthy pool!
  • Best practice is to use your AquaLite filter cartridge cleaner once a day
  • Extends the lifespan of both the filter cartridge and pump
  • Removable comb head fits inside the deep folds of filtration paper to fully clean the filter cartridge
  • Concentrated stream of water removes more particles in less time than a standard garden hose alone
  • Flow control knob turns the cleaning tool on/off and adjusts the water flow
  • Easily connects to a standard garden hose using a quick connection valve
  • Suitable for use with all different types of cartridges
  • Contents: 1 cartridge cleaner
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