Flowclear AquaSuction Pool and Leaf Vacuum

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Description & Specifications
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Description & Specifications
Put the skimmer net away - getting those leaves from the bottom of your pool has never been easier! With the Flowclear AquaSuction™ Leaf Vacuum, just attach a garden hose and pole (not included) and you can quickly gather all those pesky leaves and debris. How it Works: Attach a cleaning pole with an inner diameter of 1.2 in., and easily maneuver the vacuum along the bottom of your pool using the four multi-directional wheels attached to the structure. Water from the garden hose powers eight high-pressure jets inside the vacuum to create a suction effect that will capture loose leaves and large pieces of debris into the large, durable and reusable mesh bag. Additional Features: Don't worry about the bag detaching from the vacuum; it features a stay-in-place lock that will ensure the bag stays attached and functioning all day long. The structure also has three built-in brushes along the bottom for a closer clean.
  • Can be used with all pools
  • Compatible with pool cleaning poles with an inner diameter of 1.2 in. (not included)
  • Connects to a standard garden hose with the universal adapter
  • 8 high-pressure jets create suction to vacuum leaves and debris
  • 4 multi-directional wheels for easy movement and maneuverability
  • 3 brushes along the bottom for a closer clean
  • Large, durable and reusable mesh debris bag with stay-in-place lock
  • Contents: 1 AquaSuction™ Leaf Vacuum
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