We take sustainability seriously. At Bestway, we believe we're able to make a difference through our dedicated contribution and support of green solutions to achieve a more sustainable future. Year after year, we are awarded Leading Suppliers for corporate action on Climate Change*

We're always relentlessly researching new innovative ways to minimize environmental impact and maximize clean energy, working effectively alongside our global partners to implement and discover the best methods to transition into a more livable and sustainable planet.

Offering a wide range of products made and packaged using green processes that reduce energy consumption and reduce fossil fuels, we save more than 8% per day in overall energy consumption. Our Solar energy produces 4.9% of our energy with a goal to be 10% solar by 2023. Each year, we utilize an average of 25,000 tons of recycled material in production that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.

We’re keen on playing our part in creating a safer environment for everyone to inhabit. Know that you are helping us take one step closer to making our earth a safer place to live with brands you love!



*2017 China’s CDP reporting on energy use and carbon emission reduction efforts.