4 Fun Father’s Day Activities Dad Will Enjoy

  • May 28, 2024
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4 Fun Father’s Day Activities Dad Will Enjoy

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil the dad, husband or special man in your life to show him how much you appreciate everything he does.


If you need some new ideas for fun activities for solo dad time or with the whole family, here are four we think he’ll enjoy:

1. Fishing & Camping Trip

Nothing beats quality time spent in the great outdoors! Since Father’s Day falls during summer break, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy nature together as a family. 

If he’s an outdoorsman, a fishing and camping trip could be just what he needs to unwind with his loved ones.

And just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to rough it! Bring along your air mattresses or air pads, so nobody is sacrificing comfort for a good night’s sleep.

When it’s time to go fishing, whether from the shore or out on the water in your boat or raft, he’ll be too busy making memories that he’ll forget the “reel” reason he’s out there.

(Bonus points if you handle all the packing for the trip!)

2. Game Night

Nothing says good old-fashioned family fun than game night!

If he’s a gamer, game night lets him show off his skills while he spends the evening laughing and enjoying the little moments together.

From video games, board games, card games and more, the options (and the fun!) are endless on game night!

And if anyone is feeling a bit cramped on the couch, bring out your inflatable air chairs from storage for some additional comfortable seating.

(Bonus points if Dad gets to choose all the games!)

3. Hiking

Tell him to “go take a hike!”

Hiking is another fun activity that can be enjoyed together as a family. Find the nearest trail, pack some snacks, drinks and the essentials, and go out and get some exercise while you immerse yourselves in all the beauty that nature brings.

Before you know it, you’ll have hiked a mile and not even realized it because you’ll be too busy enjoying each other’s company.

Once you’re home from the hike, cool down in your above ground pool for family fun in the sun!

(Bonus points if you drive so Dad can relax in the car!)

4. Backyard Barbeque & Movie Night

Show him he’s the best “flipping” dad ever with a backyard barbeque and movie night!

If he’s normally the grill master (and still wants to keep the title), Dad can grill up some burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and potatoes for dinner before everyone enjoys a night under the stars watching a movie.

All you’ll need is a sheet, projector, media player and speakers. Check with your local library to see if they have any of these electronic items to rent. If you don’t have any outdoor seating, quickly inflate your air mattress or air chair, kick back and enjoy the show!

(Bonus points if you let him choose the movie!)

These four activities are just a few examples of things we think he’ll enjoy. Take time to choose an activity or gift that is personal and meaningful to him on this very special day!


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