4 Fun Mother’s Day Activities Mom Will Love

  • Apr 9, 2024
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4 Fun Mother’s Day Activities Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil the mom, wife or special woman in your life to show her how much you appreciate everything she does.

If you need some new ideas for fun activities for solo mom time, just the two of you (kids are grown and out of the house!) or with the entire family, here are four we think she’ll love:

1. Have a Picnic by the Water

Having a picnic by the lake gives her a break from cooking and a chance to get out and enjoy nature. Pack a lunch, some refreshing drinks and head to the lake or the beach for some fun in the sun while you take in the delightful spring air.

If she’s a bookworm, let her relax on the shore reading her favorite book.

If she’s an adventurer, take advantage of the warm May weather by going paddleboarding, rafting or kayaking.

(Bonus points if you do the paddling!!)

2. Book a Weekend Getaway or Staycation

Whether it’s a romantic getaway with your spouse, a family trip or mother-daughter/mother-son bonding time, a weekend trip may be just what she needs.

Is there a cute B&B she’s been wanting to check out? Has she been hinting at going sightseeing in the city? Book it and have fun! If an out-of-town getaway isn’t feasible, treat her to a staycation in the comfort of your own home.

Start by letting her sleep in and catch up on some much-needed ZZZs before bringing her breakfast (and coffee!) in bed. If you have little ones, this is the perfect excuse for some snuggles!

In the afternoon, grill some delicious burgers (or steaks for a real treat!), potatoes and veggies in the backyard; then afterwards, let Mom kick back and relax in the sunshine in your above ground pool.


(Bonus points if you get her an extra-fun pool float to lounge on!) 

3. Treat Her to a Spa Day

Self-care is a necessity for everyone – especially moms!

Let her take some time for herself by treating her to a day of relaxation and pampering at the spa. From a massage, a facial, a mani/pedi – the whole shebang – a day at the spa lets her take her mind off the everyday hustle and bustle, so she can truly unwind.

But don’t let the pampering stop at the spa! Once she gets home, pour her a glass of wine (or her favorite beverage!) and send her to the backyard for a nice long soak in your inflatable hot tub.

(Bonus points if you book everything and pay in advance, so all she has to do is show up and get spoiled!)

4. Movie Night

If she’s a huge movie buff, take her to see the movie she’s been raving about – but hasn’t had time to go see. You can even make it a complete fun night out by going to dinner beforehand.

Have little ones who won’t sit still during a two-hour movie? No worries! Bring the movie theater to your backyard. All you’ll need is a sheet, projector, media player and speakers. Check with your local library to see if they have any of these electronic items to rent. If you don’t have any outdoor seating, quickly inflate your air mattress or air chair, and kick back and enjoy the show!

(Bonus points if you have her favorite snacks and drinks on hand!)

These four activities are just a few examples of things we think she’ll love. Take time to choose an activity or gift that is personal and meaningful to her on this very special day!


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