Which H2OGO! Pool Float Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

  • Mar 24, 2023
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Which H2OGO! Pool Float Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot of things – your strengths and weaknesses, your unique characteristics and maybe even what your future holds. Each sign matches up to a specific personality profile, and here at Bestway®, we think there’s a specific pool float too!

Your Perfect Pool Float: H2OGO! Swim Bright LED Swim Tube


Fire signs are known to be passionate, enthusiastic and well... fiery! They can be unpredictable and are always up for impromptu adventures. Their originality shines, just like the H2OGO! Swim Bright LED Swim Tube.


The glowing float features a 7-color LED light that alternates through modes just like a fire sign’s spontaneous personality! With a cup holder and comfortable backrest, this swim tube is sure to brighten any summer day.

Your Perfect Pool Float: H2OGO! Comfort Plush Lounge


Earth signs are dependable, confident and grounded. They tell it like it is, considering themselves realists, and tend to weigh all options before making decisions. They love luxury, especially when it’s solid and reliable, just like the H2OGO! Comfort Plush Lounge.


It’s simple, luxurious and durable, with velvet-like and mesh surfaces and a premium wraparound cushion. This float also allows you to customize your comfort; use the removable pillow as a footrest, headrest or extra support wherever you wish!

Your Perfect Pool Float: H2OGO! Tipsy Toucan Ride-On


Air signs are intellectual, witty and thoughtful. They love stimulating conversations and will never turn down a friendly debate. They are social creatures, leaning into surefire conversation-starters, much like the H2OGO! Tipsy Toucan Ride-On!


This bright, colorful float is sure to be the life of every pool party! Modeled after the quirky bird, this float is the perfect size for lounging under the sun, carrying it around and packing it back up to store.

Your Perfect Pool Float: H2OGO! Fantasy Unicorn Swim Tube


Water signs are creative, fluid and free. They are sensitive and intuitive, tending to feel emotions very deeply. But they still like to keep an air of mystery, being selective about who gets to truly know them, much like the elusive H2OGO! Fantasy Unicorn Swim Tube.


The unicorn is vibrant, magical and a bit mysterious! With a long neck just like its namesake, this swim tube is the ideal companion for every pool party this summer.

Keep exploring our wide range of pool floats here to see if there are any more water toys that fit your unique personality!


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