Flowclear 680 gal. Skimatic Skimmer Filter Pump

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Description & Specifications
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Description & Specifications
The Flowclear™ 680 gal. Skimatic™ Filter Pump is a filtration system combining a surface and water skimmer – with no extra hoses needed! This innovative pump by Bestway® is simple and easy to install in your above ground pool* – simply hang it over the edge of the pool, plug it in, be sure it is immersed in water and watch as it starts to go to work cleaning your pool! Plus, it works silently – no more noisy pumps! The Skimatic filter pump has a large capacity tank that sucks in floating leaves and other debris, keeping your pool water fresh and clean. The Skimatic can be cleaned with a water hose daily – just be sure you have it unplugged before you do any maintenance on the pump. The pump also features an energy-saving plug, which allows you to set a time for how long you would like your pump to run. The timer will allow the pump to run for up to 10 hours, so you can customize it to work with your schedule. For use with 300-5,400 gal. (1,100-20,500 L) pools. You will love your Skimatic Filter Pump! *For use with all above ground pools except Steel Wall Pools.
  • Pump flow rate of 680 gal./h (2,574 L/h)
  • Compatible with 300-5,400 gal. (1,100-20,500 L) above ground pools (not compatible with steel wall pools)
  • Skimatic™ Filter Pump simultaneously skims and filters the pool
  • 110-120 V energy-saving plug allows you to set a timer for your pump to automatically shut off
  • Contents: 1 filter pump
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