Hydro-Force Caspian Inflatable Boat Set

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Description & Specifications
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Description & Specifications
The Hydro-Force™ Caspian is a 2-person inflatable boat perfect for fishing or cruising on open water. This NMMA certified boat is inflatable and portable, yet sturdy and long-lasting. Get on the water in no time with air valves that have an intake nozzle for quick inflation. When deflating, open the valves up to let air out quickly. Each of the 3 air chambers has these adjustable valves so setup and storage prep is expedited. The marine-grade plywood transom is sturdy enough to house a 3 HP motor (motor mount not included). The inflated boat floor is rigid and comfortable as it’s built with drop stitch construction. Tens of thousands fine fibers connect material together for durability that is also lightweight and able to withstand repeated inflation and deflation. A pair of two-piece oars are included, along with omni-directional oarlocks so you can maneuver through the water and explore condensed areas. Despite being an inflatable vessel, this boat also has an durable hull and strake that protects against impact and friction. The Caspian is perfect for making long lasting boating memories. In addition to the boat and oars, this Caspian package includes: tow rope, Air Hammer™ inflation pump, pressure gauge and repair kit.
  • Perfect 2-person cruising boat with a more than 7 feet of length, 4 feet of width and a low profile
  • Drop stitch material for lightweight strength and durability
  • Includes oars, tow rope, Air Hammer™ inflation pump, pressure gauge and repair kit.
  • Marine-grade plywood transom and firm strake
  • The Hydro-Force™ Caspian comes with a one year warranty with proof of purchase
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