4 Ideas for a Fun Backyard Hot Tub Party

  • Nov 14, 2023
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4 Ideas for a Fun Backyard Hot Tub Party

Ain’t no party like a hot tub party! 


When you think about time spent in your inflatable hot tub, you probably think about a nice long soak after a hard day at work or relaxing with your significant other for an at-home date night.


Now it’s time to switch gears – invite a few friends over and take the party outdoors with your hot tub as the main attraction.


If you’re looking for some “water-ful” ideas for your next hot tub party, here are four that will keep your guests entertained all night long:

1. Pick a Party Theme


Before you invite your guests, pick a party theme. Here’s where your creativity can really shine! Depending on the time of year, you can pick a party theme that’s holiday-focused, season-focused or just plain fun. Think outside the box for your party décor.


Spring: flowers, St. Patrick’s Day (shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold), Easter (eggs, bunnies, pastels, faith-based)


Summer: patriotic, luau, baseball, carnival, summer camp


Fall: football, fall festival (pumpkins and leaves), Halloween (ghosts, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons), Thanksgiving (turkeys, cornucopia)


Winter: winter wonderland (snowflakes, blues & white), Christmas (Santa, snowman, trees, faith-based, candy canes), NYE (party poppers, streamers), Valentine’s Day (hearts, pinks & reds, cupid)

That’s right...you can have your backyard hot tub party in the winter, too! SaluSpa® inflatable hot tubs, including the SaluSpa Fiji AirJet™ Inflatable Hot Tub and SaluSpa Barbados AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub, feature innovative winterizing technology, Freeze Shield™, which prevents your hot tub from freezing during colder temperatures. Never kept your hot tub up during the winter?  


Here are four tips for winterizing your inflatable hot tub.


You can also go the route of movies, shows, video games or any other theme you and your guests will enjoy. The possibilities are endless!


Once you’ve picked a theme, now it's time to start thinking about some fun activities for your guests.

2. Put on Your Favorite Movie


What better way to mingle with your friends than watching your favorite movie from the hot tub? If your backyard set-up doesn’t include an outdoor TV, you can always create your own!


Just get a sheet, projector, media player and speakers. You can even check with your local library to see if they have any of these items to rent to save some cash!


Your other guests can still enjoy the movie outside of the hot tub from the comfort and convenience of an Inflate-A-Chair™! They’re the perfect addition to your outdoor set-up – comfortable, sturdy, easy to set up and require minimal storage.

3. Set Up a Few Games

Let the games begin! Since your inflatable hot tub only accommodates so many guests at one time (every hot tub has its own capacity), let’s give the other guests something fun to do while they wait their turn!


Set up a few games like cornhole (bags), ladder golf, horseshoes (ring toss), bocce ball or any others, to keep them entertained when they’re not in the hot tub. You can even create games around your party theme for extra enjoyment.


Keep the littles entertained with the H2OGO!® Lil' Champ Play Center! This play center has it all – bowling, basketball, tether ball, ring toss and a removable slide. For the hot summer months, you can attach the water sprayer to your garden hose to keep kids cool while they play.

4. Serve Snacks & Drinks


While you don’t want food in the hot tub (crumbs = more cleaning and sanitizing), you still want to provide snacks and drinks for your guests to enjoy when they’re outside the hot tub watching the movie or playing games.


Finger foods are an excellent choice because they’re easy to prepare, serve and eat. Just set up a table nearby and let guests fill up their plates whenever they get hungry.


Snack ideas: fruit and vegetable trays with dips, cheese, meat and crackers tray, nuts, pigs in a blanket, sliders, and ham and cheese pinwheels (rollups)

Now that you have your hot tub party game plan set, go get started on your guest list!

Don’t have a hot tub? Get your SaluSpa now so the hot tub party planning can begin!


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