Ask the Expert: Behind-the-Scenes of Above Ground Pools with Joe Flores

  • Apr 3, 2024
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Ask the Expert: Behind-the-Scenes of Above Ground Pools with Joe Flores


This is Part I of our “Ask the Expert” series featuring insider interviews to give you more insight into the people and processes that influence the Bestway products you enjoy.

If you’ve ever wondered, while you’re splashing around in your above ground pool, what goes on behind-the-scenes to bring that pool to fruition, you’re in luck.

Joe Flores, Bestway's Senior Product Manager for Above Ground Pools and Accessories, is sharing what he loves about the above ground pool industry, how product innovations happen and his expert tips on some of your most frequently asked questions.


Get to Know Joe

With over 10 years of experience working at three different pool companies (small, medium and large), Joe knows a thing or two about pools.

Joe was introduced to Bestway by Matt Vartola, Bestway’s VP of Business Development. With all his prior experience, Joe was thrilled to explore the opportunity to work for a progressive company that thrives on supporting its employees.

“I love knowing my bosses have my back as we continue to progress in the industry,” Joe says. “One of the most rewarding experiences of my job is giving that same support back by mentoring members on my team.”

When Joe isn’t busy mentoring, he enjoys going to trade shows – even ones that aren't in the above ground pool industry – and developing new innovations.

“I can take an idea from a toy trade show that can relate to the above ground pool category and make it stand out more,” says Joe. “In fact, my favorite season is the development of a new product. Seeing the big picture idea and checking every box to get where you are today. From ideation to testing and something that’s now on the shelf at one of our retailers – I love the entire process.” 

How Product Innovation Happens

In addition to looking to trade shows for inspiration, Joe says he also turns to customer feedback to guide his decisions.

“Outside of my normal product development role, I like looking at the reviews on Walmart and Amazon’s websites, as well as our own, to figure out what improvements can be made,” says Joe. “I want to delve into the customers’ pain points to see how many times the issue is occurring, and how prevalent the problem is, in order to make the necessary improvements going forward.”

This feedback is extremely important when creating new products and innovations. It’s through research and reviews that Joe and the product development team are able to understand customers’ needs, wants and pain points.

“When we created the Bestway® AquaTronix™ G200 Robotic Pool Vacuum, our very first in-house produced robot here at Bestway, and my favorite product we’ve created so far, the entire first year was dedicated to research,” says Joe. “After learning the market, finalizing specifications and rigorous testing, we were able to replace three of our other robots with this all-in-one robot.”

Something that Joe feels may surprise many people is the amount of thorough testing done on above ground pool frames and liners.

“Many people think all frames and liners are the same,” says Joe. “They’re not. There are no universal parts for all above ground pools. We’re continuously testing to ensure not only combability, but also longevity. Every single product we’ve created has a story behind it.”

Expert Advice: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Joe’s knowledge about above ground pools is so extensive, he’s sharing answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Q1: Why does my above ground pool water turn green?

“While there could be numerous reasons, the majority of time it’s because your pool is not chemically balanced,” shares Joe. “This creates algae, which more frequently happens in warmer climates. If the water gets too warm and you don’t have the correct chemical balance with the best weather conditions, your pool water can turn green overnight.”

Joe notes that it’s important to follow your chemical kit instructions and make sure that your jets are proportioned correctly.

“Proper water circulation keeps algae from forming,” says Joe. “The jets shouldn’t be aimed straight at the middle of the pool. They should be aimed at different areas to circulate the water better.”

Q2: Why don’t above ground pools have a heater for colder days or nights?

“It all comes down to voltage,” shares Joe. “Our pools are compatible with standard U.S. 110-120V outlets. The needed 240V to heat the water in your above ground pool would require an electrician, which can cost thousands of dollars.”

Q3: How do I decide which type of filter pump to buy?

“It all depends on your needs,” says Joe. “Sand filter pumps offer more convenience – the upfront costs are more, but it’s a set it and forget it pump, so the longevity of not having to replace anything for the entire pool season gives you more bang for your buck.”

Sand only needs to be replaced every two or three years, while the Polysphere™ Pool Filtration Balls, that can also be used in a sand filter pump, should last you a full season.

“If you’re looking for a great short-term option, cartridge filter pumps are less expensive,” says Joe. “The filters need to be cleaned or replaced every two weeks and are more readily available.”

Unsure of what filter pump is right for you? Here’s how to choose the best one for your needs.


Stay tuned for Part II in our “Ask the Expert” series!



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