How to Travel with an Air Mattress

  • Aug 8, 2023
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How to Travel with an Air Mattress

A great night’s sleep is essential to getting the most out of your getaway. With an air mattress in tow, you can get cozy and comfortable in a variety of sleeping spaces. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling near or far, because TSA allows air mattresses (even with built-in pumps) in your carry-on bag!

Air Mattress Advantages


1. Comfort


Don’t sacrifice comfort just because you’re sleeping in a new location for a few days. Whether you’re spending the night inside or in the great outdoors, an air mattress is a great way to make sure that you have all the support you need for a restful night’s sleep.  


2. Convenience


Air mattresses are great for on-the-go use! Their easy portability and quick setup make them the perfect companion for your next vacation. Many also don’t require electricity to inflate, so no matter where you’re headed, you can have a soft, inflatable sleeping surface for the night. 

3. Allergies


An air mattress can act as a barrier between you and the allergens found on the ground. Whether it’s dust, grass or pollen that gives you a stuffy nose, an inflatable bed will keep you up above those pesky allergy-inducing substances while you relax under the stars and sleep through the night.



Air Mattress Travel Hacks


1. Choose the Right Size Mattress for Your Trip


Air mattresses come in many shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that can fit your needs. In addition to deciding if you want a Twin, Full, Queen or King, it’s also important to take the height of your bed into consideration. Taller air mattresses are great for added contoured support while sleeping, and shorter air mattresses provide compact and convenient packing sizes. Depending on the nature of your trip, you may want to opt for a taller or shorter air mattress.



2. Get a Compact Fold & Use Your Storage Bag


Resist the urge to just stuff your air mattress back into a box or bag when you’re finished and take the time to get a nice, compact fold to fit it in your storage bag. This will help protect the bed from damage during storage, and it will make it a lot easier the next time you want to travel with it.


The first step to an expert fold is to make sure the bed is completely deflated. If your bed comes with a built-in pump, there is likely a function for this. If it doesn’t, push down on the bed as it’s deflating to make sure all the air leaves the inner chamber. Next, you’ll want to fold in the sides (hot dog style), pressing out any air that you encounter. Last, starting from the opposite side as your built-in pump or air valve, fold (if your storage bag is a rectangle) or roll (if your storage bag is a circle) the bed until it is roughly the same size as your bag. Next time you want to use it, just grab it and go!


Most air mattress sets include a convenient storage bag, and it is important to keep your bed in one when it’s not in use. If your mattress didn’t come with one or you misplaced the original, a pillowcase or plastic comforter package also work great for storage.

3. Have a Back-Up Inflation Plan


When traveling with an air mattress, it’s a good idea to always have an air pump on hand. Although some mattresses do come with a built-in pump, you never know when you may need an alternative method of inflation. A small electric pump is great for traveling when you know you’ll be sleeping indoors. If you’re venturing outside overnight, a manual, battery-powered or rechargeable pump may be a better option. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of repair patches handy for quick fixes while you’re away from home.

Whether you’re looking for essential comfort or upgraded durability and support, Bestway® offers a wide array of travel-friendly air mattresses that are perfect for wherever your next adventure may take you!


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