The First Inflatable Hot Tub: A History of SaluSpa

  • Aug 15, 2023
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The First Inflatable Hot Tub: A History of SaluSpa

In 2007, the first inflatable hot tub in the world hit the shelves; conceptualized, designed and manufactured by Bestway® production and engineering teams. Now, with over 15 years of innovation under our belts, we’ve mastered the affordable spa experience. Our inflatable hot tubs are convenient to use, easy to set up and offer total serenity – right in your own backyard!


Known by consumers as a SaluSpa® here in the U.S. and a Lay-Z-Spa® internationally, the world’s first inflatable hot tub was conceived by a product development team that was tired of the hand-wired spas and soft-wall hot tubs, all too expensive and nearly impossible to transport easily. They came up with the idea of using their expertise in the inflatables industry to develop a hot tub that was portable, affordable and effective – and they succeeded!


We didn’t stop there. As our competitors raced to catch up, we continued to lead the market by offering multiple industry-first and exclusive features.

We make the luxurious spa experience accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking for a basic tub that has the essentials or an upgraded spa with all the bells and whistles, SaluSpa’s wide selection of options has exactly what you are looking for. We offer multiple shapes and sizes, traditional and modern prints, and premium features that bring relaxation home to you.


So, what are those premium features? We know there are a lot of inflatable hot tubs on the market, and we’re proud to still be a leader in the industry with many upgrades you will only find on a SaluSpa, along with other features that we simply do better.


1. Freeze Shield Winterizing Technology

Keep your spa up all year long; no need to deflate and store it during the winter! All our hot tubs are equipped with this automatic heating function that activates in low outdoor temperatures to keep the internal system between 42ºF and 50ºF, preventing freezing and damage to the spa.


2. Semi-Transparent, Illuminated Liner

Set the mood with the color-changing LED light, which creates a relaxing glow for added ambiance inside the spa, while the semi-transparent outer liner creates an illuminated pattern on the outside.


3. EnergySense Insulated Cover

Our EnergySense hot tubs retain heat more efficiently than similar inflatable hot tubs (up to 40% more, to be exact), so your water stays hot, and your energy bill stays low.


4. Ergonomic Lounges

Relax in blissful comfort with internal seating options. From long bench seats that accommodate multiple people to ergonomic lounges that contour to your body and have targeted massage nozzles, comfort is not overlooked in a SaluSpa.


5. Ground Detection System

While your comfort and relaxation are important, your safety is our top priority. Every single one of our hot tubs features a Ground Detection System (we’re the only ones on the market to do this), which ensures the spa is used with an outlet having a proper ground connection, providing additional electric current protection.


6. UltraFit Pump


Save backyard space with the UltraFit pumps, which are built directly into the liner. Featuring an easy-to-reach control panel that flips up and down on the side of the hot tub, the UltraFit models look ultra-sleek and modern without the external hardware.


Our product development teams are constantly reviewing our products to pinpoint ways to make them even better. With new innovations hitting the shelves every year, SaluSpa has grown into a brand that spa-users all over the world have grown to know and trust, making us The Original Premium Portable Spa!


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