5 Key Accessories Every Hot Tub Needs

  • Feb 1, 2023
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5 Key Accessories Every Hot Tub Needs

How to get the most relaxing hot tub experience

Inflatable spas (aka “hot tubs”) are exploding in popularity worldwide thanks to their convenience, affordability and quality.

In fact, Bestway® pioneered the inflatable spa to give you the perfect, relaxing escape in your own backyard.

With just a few simple accessories, you can maintain your spa and enjoy it for many years to come.

Here are the five key accessories we recommend for your inflatable spa:

1. Spa Pillow


Make your spa experience comfy and cozy with a soft, padded spa pillow to cradle your head and neck, and heighten your relaxation. The spa pillow includes a strap on the back so you can position the pillow exactly where you want it as you sit in your hot tub. Imagine soaking in your hot tub, your head on your spa pillow, dreamily gazing up at the stars on a moonlit night, the warm water enveloping you and gentle bubbles relaxing your muscles. Sounds like the ultimate recipe for relaxation! More details on the SaluSpa Padded Pillow and its compatibility here.

2. Spa Canopy


Throw the best kind of shade by adding a spa canopy to your hot tub! With a canopy to shield your eyes from the sun, you can enjoy your inflatable hot tub in every season. Simply attach the half-dome canopy to the back or the front of the spa to keep the sun’s rays to a minimum. Or, use the canopy to create extra privacy anytime of day. You set the mood and the brightness! Find it here.

3. Covers (Top and Underneath)


Yes, you likely need TWO covers for your spa. To protect the bottom of your inflatable spa, we always recommend adding a ground cover beneath it. That extra layer can make a world of difference protecting your spa because it prevents items like twigs and rocks from poking through and damaging your spa. Next, your spa includes a cover to protect the top of your hot tub from the elements and also conserve heat. Find the one that fits your inflatable hot tub here.


4. Cleaning Brushes and Net Set


Just like pools, spas need to be brushed and cleaned out regularly to remove dirt and debris. Sometimes, it’s tough to get into all the corners of a spa. That’s where specially designed spa brushes can help you tidy up without the challenge of using typical, square brushes. Plus, a small, handheld net can help you whisk away small leaves or other floating debris that’s settled on top of your hot tub. Check out all of these tools, including Bestway’s curved spa brushes, in our All in One Spa Cleaning Tool Set here.

5. Extra Filters


One of the most important parts of spa ownership is keeping your included filtration system running smoothly, and it starts with the filter. Over time, as your filter “catches” particles, which means grime and gunk begin to build up. Replace the filter with a fresh one every two weeks so it can keep the water clean and pristine. Stay on top of your spa maintenance by always having replacement filters on hand. Here’s where you can find extra filters for your spa’s system.

Spa time is the best time when you have all of the right accessories to maintain your hot tub’s water quality and ensure the spa is working perfectly for years to come. With just a few simple accessories, your inflatable hot tub is the perfect relaxation destination for your backyard and beyond.


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