Hydro-Force Adventure Elite X5 Inflatable Raft Set 11'11"

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Description & Specifications
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Description & Specifications
Gather your friends and get ready to ride the rapids with the Hydro-Force™ Adventure Elite™ X5 Raft Set! Perfect for up to 5 adults, you can count on the durable material, comfortable, inflatable seats, and convenient design to give you a safe and fun ride! Durable & Reliable Material: It’s easy to feel confident when you hit the water and navigate rapids because of the Hydro-Force Adventure Elite X5's durable Inflata-Shield Pro™ enhanced material. This rigid material provides excellent puncture resistance while limiting stretching and providing maximum stability. You and your crew will be able to withstand the bumps and splashes of the journey with a material that gives you the extra grip you need. Oars & Added Features: The inflatable raft also includes built-in fishing rod holders and sturdy oarlocks so you can float and fish with ease. Guide your raft along the water with a pair of included oars and use the oar clasps to keep them in place. Comfortable & Compact Design: With the 2 comfortable, inflatable seats with backrests and a removable cushion, the inflatable raft set also provides an added level of comfort to make the ride more enjoyable. When you’re done, dry it off, fold it up and easily stash it away in the carry bag until your next adventure together!
  • Inflated size: 11 ft. 11 in. x 65 in. (3.64 m x 1.66 m)
  • User and Weight Capacity: Up to 5 adults at a maximum weight of 1,323 lbs (600 kg)
  • Inflata-Shield Pro™ enhanced material offers excellent puncture resistance and rigidity, limits stretching and maximizes stability
  • 2 comfortable, inflatable seats with backrests and 1 removable cushion
  • Carry bag for easy transportation and storage, and a gear pouch for storing essentials
  • Built-in fishing rod holders
  • 1 pair of 57 in. (145 cm) oars, oar clasps and sturdy oarlocks
  • Convenient Air Hammer™ hand pump to stash in included carry bag
  • Wraparound grab rope for easy transportation and docking
  • Contents: 1 boat, 1 pair of oars, 1 hand pump, 1 gear pouch, 1 carry bag, repair patch
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