6 Reasons Why Above Ground Pools are Worth It

  • Mar 19, 2024
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6 Reasons Why Above Ground Pools are Worth It

Now that it’s officially spring, you may be dreaming of ways to cool off once the weather warms up.


An above ground pool gives you a refreshing staycation in your own backyard, while you make lifelong memories with your friends and family. (Especially if you have kids who get bored easily during summer break!)


If you’re ready to make a splash, here are six reasons why above ground pools are worth it:



1. Affordability


When you’re interested in adding a pool to your backyard landscaping, you may first wonder if you should invest in an in-ground pool or purchase an above ground pool.


In-ground pools are not always an affordable option. The national average to install an in-ground pool is $35,000, which usually accounts for the high cost of labor, materials and any additional expenses that come with hiring someone to dig up your backyard and install a pool. At Bestway®, we have a wide price range to fit all budgets.   

2. Easy Setup and Takedown


Above ground pools are also worth it because of how easy they are to install. Most don’t even require any additional labor other than a couple of your friends coming over to help set it up. (Plus, you can easily pay them with food and drinks!)


So, when we say Bestway above ground pools are simple to set up and take down, we mean it!


Our kiddie pools and family pools can be inflated and ready for play time in just minutes – with only one adult needed for setup. Our round inflatable pools and corrosion-resistant steel frame pools feature an easy, no-tool setup and takedown process. Both pool types can be set up following three easy steps with only two or three people.


Even our steel wall pools feature a 3-tool DIY setup where all you’ll need is two or three people, a screwdriver, a wrench and a knife.


3. Flexibility


Another reason above ground pools are worth it is because of the flexibility they provide. Depending on the season, you can take down your pool to save space for other backyard activities or just save on pool maintenance time when it’s not in use.


Also, if your lifestyle changes (you rent or aren’t quite ready for a permanent pool) or you have kids, your pool choice may change as your family grows. If you have little ones, you may opt for a kiddie pool, family pool or Fast Set™ Fill & Rise Pool. As your children get older, a steel frame pool like our Power Steel®, Steel Pro® or Steel Pro MAX™ may be a good fit for you. Or, if you’ve decided you enjoy having the pool up year-round, you may be ready to take the plunge and purchase a Hydrium™ Steel Wall Pool.


Whatever pool you choose, one of the advantages of having an above ground pool is how easy it is to change your mind!



4. Easy Maintenance


Above ground pools are also easy to maintain. With the proper chemicals and pool accessories, keeping your water clean and clear is simple.


Without the need for additional help (sorry, pool guy!), you can maintain your above ground pool yourself for years to come.


Make pool maintenance painless with these pool accessories, a pool cover and a chemical starter kit.

5. Backyard Fun & Entertainment


Once you have the necessary tools for pool maintenance, get ready to entertain! Backyards are popular (and convenient!) destinations for parties, casual hangouts with friends and quality time with family. The fun memories you can create in your own backyard are endless when you have an above ground pool.


Plus, if you like being the “host with the most” (for yourself or your kids!), planning a party in your own backyard is more convenient and affordable. No need to book a party room or spend tons of money on food and drinks at a restaurant. You’re bringing the fun to you!

6. Variety of Shapes & Sizes

With an above ground pool, Bestway has you covered – no matter how big or small your backyard is! One of the biggest reasons above ground pools are worth it is because of the variety of sizes and shapes there are to choose from.

Depending on the size and layout of your backyard, you can choose an above ground pool that fits right in – literally and figuratively (finding one that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic preference is just as important!).

Whether you’re a space-saving family, pool party host or backyard landscape enthusiast, there’s an above ground pool that’s perfect for you!  


Once you find the perfect fit, check out our current selection of above ground pools.


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