Bestway Innovations Series: What is Drop Stitch Material?

  • Jan 23, 2024
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Bestway Innovations Series: What is Drop Stitch Material?

When you reminisce about some of your most cherished memories, those memories usually involve solo trips or fun times with friends and family.


For over a decade, our mission has been to design and produce high-quality, innovative, inflatable recreational products that bring relaxation, fun and adventure to people’s lives.


We know the little moments are really the big moments, which is why we’re committed to being an industry leader in research, design, development and manufacturing – with our technology being at the forefront of what makes us different.


And just one of our many innovations is our FortiFiber™ drop stitch material.

What is Drop Stitch Material?


FortiFiber drop stitch is a network of thousands of polyester threads that securely connect internal surfaces. This premium feature provides unmatched strength and rigidity, helping to seal in air so products maintain their ideal size and weight.

Why is it important?


One of the many reasons you’d choose an inflatable product over a hard-sided one is convenience. The great news is – you don’t have to sacrifice durability for convenience when you get a Bestway® product.


Our products made with FortiFiber are built to last for year-after-year enjoyment, so you can feel confident while you’re paddling (or cruising) down the river, or unwinding after a long, hard day.


Here’s a brief overview of the features for our products that use drop stitch:




This sewing method keeps the board extremely rigid, stable in the water and all-weather dependable. It’s the strongest type of material for inflatable SUPs and provides the storage and portability benefits of an inflatable board, with the strength and durability of a hard-sided board. That means this strong, but lightweight, material makes traveling with an SUP easier and more convenient.




These fine fibers keep the boat floor firm and comfortable, so it’s able to withstand repeated inflation and deflation. You’ll enjoy the portability of an inflatable boat with the rigidity of an aluminum boat floor.  



Hot Tubs

The threads securely connect the insides of the sidewalls and expand as the hot tub is inflated to be able to support considerable weight. FortiFiber not only helps prevent damage, it also allows the hot tub to be rigid and sturdy – similar to a hard-sided hot tub – and makes the hot tub more spacious on the inside (for those hot tub parties!).



Now that you’ve been introduced to our FortiFiber drop stitch material, stay tuned for the next article in our Bestway Innovations Series coming next month – Tritech™!



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