Bestway Innovations Series: What is the ClickConnect System?

  • Apr 16, 2024
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Bestway Innovations  Series: What is the ClickConnect System?

It’s time for Part III of our Bestway Innovations Series!

As part of our Bestway 30th Anniversary celebration, we’re spotlighting our various innovations in the industry all year long.

Last month, we talked about our ultra-durable Tritech™ material, which is used to construct our above ground pools, hot tubs, air mattresses and stand-up paddleboards.

Now, we’re focusing on the ClickConnect System™ - a feature of our above ground pools that are larger than 13 ft. in diameter.

What is the ClickConnect System?

The ClickConnect System securely holds the steel frame of our above ground pools together. It is made up of custom-molded T-connectors that attach the steel poles to each other, so the frame can withstand the weight and movement of the fun going on in the water!

What makes the ClickConnect System special?

The basic purpose of the ClickConnect System is to provide structural integrity to your pool, but we didn’t stop there. We exceeded typical standards by adding a couple more innovations...

Rust & Damage Prevention

Each ClickConnect System joint is custom-molded and has a protective coating to prevent metal-on-metal contact between the poles of the steel frame. This prevents rust, corrosion and damage to both the joints and the frame itself. The remarkable durability of the ClickConnect System will allow you to make memories in your pool year after year!

Quick & Easy Setup

The ClickConnect System is designed with innovative quick-click technology, so you can go from the box to backyard fun without any additional tools needed. Simply click the poles into place – no screws, no pins! This makes setup and takedown so much easier, and it also means less pieces to store (and possibly lose) over the winter.


Now that you’re an expert on our ClickConnect System, get ready for the next installment of our Innovations Series – coming soon! 


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