Happy 30th Anniversary to Bestway®

  • Jan 9, 2024
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Happy 30th Anniversary to Bestway®

Three decades ago, Bestway created its very first product: a beach ball!


Now, as Bestway turns 30 years old, we’re celebrating the milestone with a look back on all we’ve achieved since that fateful moment in 1994 and also sharing our vision for the next 30 years!


For the next 12 months, you’ll notice more behind-the-scenes content, insights from our experts, trivia and so much more in our social media and emails as we reflect on our past 30 years helping families make more memories, relax and live it up with our recreational products.


Whether you’re new to us or identify as a “Bestway Bestie,” here’s a sneak peek to kick off the celebration:



Bestway’s Growth By the Numbers


• 26+ Awards Received Globally 

• 1,100+ Products

• 110+ Countries Selling Bestway Products

• 12 Bestway Offices Worldwide

• 6 Continents Carry Bestway Products

• 1 in 50 People Around the World Owns a Bestway Product



Who We Are


We’re committed to innovating and leading the industry through our research, design, development and manufacturing. Every department at Bestway works closely together – from our technology and quality assurance centers to our laboratories and vertically integrated manufacturing systems to our after-sales service centers around the globe. To read more about Bestway and our history, check out our full story here.





Recycling and conserving materials and energy are top priorities for Bestway. We recycle or reuse 6 types of materials. In fact, millions of tons of post-production plastic are recycled and reused each year. Our goal is to reuse or recycle 100 percent of our solid waste by 2025 to prevent contributing anything to landfills.


We also strive to reduce energy use, and 3.3 percent of all energy used during production is solar powered. Ultimately, Bestway’s goal is to derive 10 percent of our energy from solar power by 2025.



Giving Back


Bestway USA consistently gives back to its community through blood drives, food drives, volunteer work, fundraising walks and so much more (see some of our past community work here).



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