How to Fix an E02 Error on Your SaluSpa

  • Jun 14, 2023
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How to Fix an E02 Error on Your SaluSpa

You’re finally ready to enjoy your new, inflatable SaluSpa® hot tub and suddenly, you’re seeing the code E02 on your spa pump.

Never fear – we have your answers here!


First, take a deep breath and know that it’s a common message and the reason behind it likely isn’t as alarming as it seems. Usually, it’s because your spa isn’t detecting enough water or our Freeze Shield™ technology has turned on too soon. No big deal!


Next, take a minute to do the following "checks” so you can troubleshoot and resolve the E02 code.

Check 1: Does your hot tub have water in it?


If you don't have water in your hot tub yet, this is likely the primary reason for the message. Water flow sensors are not detecting any or enough water flow in the spa or the spa pump, triggering an E02 code. Make sure the water for your hot tub reaches between the “Max/Min” fill line located on the inside of the spa.

Check 2: Is the temperature of the water or outside air below 42°F?


Your hot tub is intended to automatically combat cold weather to keep it (and the water) from freezing and inner parts from being damaged. If the spa sensors detect temperatures below 42°F, the system will activate our proprietary Freeze Shield technology. When this happens during setup or with low water or cold air, you’ll likely get an E02 code.


To resolve the code, take the pump into a garage or outdoor shed (or another warmer location at or above the recommended temperature of 50°F), inflate the tub and cover, then take the spa back out to the area where you planned to set it up, and add water. Once the water is above the debris line, connect the pump to the tub, remove the 2 stopper plugs from inside of the tub and turn on the pump.


If temperatures are above 42°F and your spa is showing the E02 code and not inflating, you may be pressing the wrong button. Make sure you press the “AirJet” setting, which looks like four bubbles on the bottom left of your control panel.

Check 3: Have you inspected the parts?


• Check the liner for any obvious issues such as tears.

• Check the hoses. Gently straighten the hose if you see any kinks or bends in it as these can impact the connections for the pump and the tub.

• Make sure the tub is on level ground. Note: anything you put under the spa to protect it.

• Make sure the tub is fully inflated (firm to the touch) so if you press down on the wall with your hand, it does not sink in.

Check 4: Have you checked the cartridge and taken apart the filter housing ?


It’s very common for a dirty filter cartridge to be the reason behind the E02 message. To check, carefully unscrew the filter housing (see image to the left) 


• Check to see if there is anything clogging the debris screen where the filter cartridge connects to the hose. You can gently clean the screen with a brush or by backwashing the pump if it is clogged. To backwash, you need to separate the tub from the pump, and run your garden hose through the water port of the pump and the tub so it can push any debris loose.

• Get a new filter cartridge. If the screen is free of debris, remove the filter cartridge and turn on the pump without the filter cartridge. If the E02 message disappears, then the issue is with the filter cartridge or the fit of the filter housing. Replace the filter cartridge for best results. Shop here for replacement filter cartridges

• Loosen the screw on top of the filter housing. Sometimes, screwing the bolt on too tightly presses down on the filter cartridge, reducing the amount of water flow, which causes the error.

If you’re still having a hard time with your inflatable hot tub and the message will not resolve, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team, and they would be happy to support you!


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