Benefits of a Year-Round Above Ground Pool

  • Mar 26, 2024
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Benefits  of a Year-Round Above Ground Pool

So, you want a backyard pool for the ultimate summer experience, but you don’t want the hassle of assembling it and taking it down after a couple of months, or spending the money to put in an in-ground pool... 


That’s where the steel wall pool comes in! They are designed to stay up all year and are a fraction of the price of in-ground pools. With no professional installation required, these pools are the answer you’ve been looking for!



Note to the Reader:

Before we dive in, let’s cover some vocab... Here at Bestway®, we offer a wide range of pools, including steel frame pools and steel wall pools. 

Steel frame pools are constructed with steel poles and a flexible liner. These pools are great for families but must be taken down at the end of the summer to prevent damage. 

Steel wall pools have an inner liner (made of the same material) that is surrounded with a galvanized steel wall and top ledge, providing unparalleled durability, even during the winter.     

Year-Round Durability:

Hydrium™ steel wall pools are built for longevity. The external wall, top ledge and pool frame are made from galvanized steel, which is then coated in a layer of zinc to prevent rust and damage from weather and the elements. The inner liner features a Polar-Shield™ additive and a UV-resistant coating, protecting it through all four seasons. The additive allows the liner to stay flexible, even in freezing temperatures, preventing the rigidity and damage you may see with a standard PVC material. The UV-resistant coating prevents discoloration and cracking under the sun in warmer temperatures.

So basically... you can leave your Hydrium up all year long without worrying about damage! 

With attractive prints on the outer wall and inner liner, Hydrium pools fit seamlessly into backyard landscaping. Make it the focal point of your yard by adding furniture, plants or even a deck around the outside!

The above ground design gives these pools the distinction of being semi-permanent. They can be set up, left as they are, surrounded by landscaping and enjoyed for years (just like an in-ground pool). But they can also be taken back down, moved to a different location, or even stored, if needed. Hydrium pools give you the flexibility to customize your backyard!  

No Professional Assembly Required:

Another perk of Hydrium pools... you can set them up without hiring help! Grab 2-3 people, three tools (a screwdriver, wrench and knife), and the DIY kit included in the box, and you can have this pool set up and ready to be filled with water in just a few hours.

These pools are made from 100% steel (and can be heavy), so please don’t try to set it up without the help of a couple of friends or family members!

Follow these few steps to go from box to backyard oasis (or check out the videos on our YouTube channel): 

 1.    Choose a flat, level place in your backyard and lay down the ground cloth and tracking equipment.
 2.    Unroll the steel wall and place it into the tracking.
 3.    Attach the liner to the inside of the wall, then add the steel frame and top ledge for stability.
 4.    Install the included accessories, like the sand filter surface skimmer and ladder.
 5.    Fill it up with water, then enjoy it with your family for years to come!


A Hydrium steel wall pool is the perfect choice for families that are looking for a more affordable, permanent pool for their backyard! With year-round durability and straightforward, DIY setup, these pools give you that in-ground pool feel for a fraction of the price. Check out our full line of Hydrium pools and get the summertime fun started!


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